The Main Attraction

Staying Grounded

Tovar Restorations bangs out another jaw-dropping build that lives up to their family name. 

Cruisin' El Camino

It started as a source of therapy, and has now become a vehicle of awareness

Professionally Done

This ’64 Impala from Professional CC was built by a bonafide gear head

This Lowrider Celebrates A Second Chance at Life

Sometimes in life you just have to say F*ck It.

Never Losing Hope

A tribute to their 1st grandchild, Baby Chavita’s 64 Impala
was built to memorialize the loss of a loved one.

Class Act

This Lincoln Continental was spared being sold, and instead became the gift that keeps on giving. 

Judgement Call

He’s a lowrider enthusiast, judge, and one part of Sic Productions. We hang out with Smiley and talk lowriding, car shows and Killer Daytons 

My Brother's Keeper

This badass ’65 Buick Skylark fulfills a brother’s wish
and carries on a family bond and legacy that can’t be broken.

The First & Only Lowrider in Siberia

Influenced by West Coast Culture, Anatoliy was on a mission to build Siberia’s first lowrider and he’s not afraid to tip through rain, snow and mud. 

A Majestic Hydraulic Setup by Ted Wells

This ’61 packs a hydraulic setup that’ll take you back to the days of Old School Hydraulics  


It’s more than a fully-restored truck. It’s a rolling tribute to a loved one who passed away the same day the truck was completed. 

Period Correct Camaro

This Harbor Area Camaro pays tribute to the days of traditional lowriding

Built on
Broken Promises

Years of broken promises made this combat veteran take matters into his own hands.

Back Home
Where It Belongs

After trading hands through some LA icons, this ’64 Impala is back home where it belongs.  

Speedy's Toy Box

We take a sneak peek at Speedy’s collection of lowriders