After Trading a Few Hands,
This '64 Impala Made its Way Back Home

Story & Photos: LRS Staff  |  Car Owner: Marc Parker  

Many people dream of owning a ’64 Impala, but for one Orange County resident, he didn’t want just any ’64; he wanted the one his father sold years ago to support a business move. “My father sold the car and told the person he sold it to that he’d be back at the end of the year to repurchase it with money on top of what the buyer purchased it for,” says Marc Parker. But that never happened. By the time his father got back to his friend, who happens to be OG Abel, Abel had sold it to David Gonzalez, who then sold the car to yet another LA icon, Compton David. 


Some years later, Marc Parker, who’s a repo man, was so focused on getting his father’s car back that he started saving money at 18 years old. Six years later, he had his money right and the timing was perfect. He asked his pops to reach out to Abel, and that’s when they found out the car had since been handed off to Compton David. He reached out to David via social media and asked if he could see the car. Once they set a date, Marc pulled up with a bag of cash and made David an offer he couldn’t refuse. By the time the transaction was done, Marc only had $500 left in his account, but it was well worth the purchase since the car belonged to his father and was once featured in Lowrider Magazine. 

Interesting Facts: Marc’s dad was the fella who invented the transmission flush
machine in 1999, and part of the reason for selling the car was to fund business moves.

Marc’s father is Tony Parker better known to old-school cats as OG Rider
– the video documentarian who back in the days used to cover the lowrider scene.

During the car’s absence, the previous owners had tastefully modded the car, and all that was left to do was for Marc to bring it back to MK Garage to have it freshened up and also add a few personal touches himself. Since MK Garage did most of the previous work, it made sense to bring it back to them. In May 1999 Marc’s father was featured in Lowrider Magazine with this exact same 1964 and he had named the car “The Originator” and Marc has no plans in changing that name. “At the time my dad was featured he was 35, I plan to do the same and much more” says Marc.

Ricky and Mark taking a break.


Azure Aqua Poly 


MK Garage | Adex square dumps
Two Pump Street Pump Setup | Eight Batteries

Full Chrome Uppers and Lowers | Chrome Rear End

Zenith 13×7-inch wheels

5/20 Premium Sportway Tires


Sony Xplod Amps: 2 x 800W and 1 x 1000W | Sony Xplod tweeters | Sony Xplod Speakers


Compass | Vacuum Pump Trunk Release | Fultronic Traffic Eye | Original AC with padded dash | Dakota Digital Gauges | OG Color Bar | Vented Wing Windows | Power Windows | 6-way power seats | 4- way flasher


Mike from MK Garage & Ernesto Perez for all the chrome parts