Lowriders & Mini Trucks: Reliving the 90's at...

The 2021 Dia De Los Flojos Picnic

Lowriders. Mini-Trucks. L.A. Dream Team. Funky Little Beat. Egyptian Lover. Lisa Lisa & The Cult Jam. 

Reading that already let’s you know where we’re headed and that’s back to the damn 90’s. In specific, the 90’s cruise scene. If you lived it, you already know, but if you haven’t, then you’ve probably heard the countless stories from those lucky enough to have lived it – I know I have. I guess you just had to be there to experience it because there will never be any amount of words or photos that will ever capture just how incredible it really was. But if you want a glimpse into what the scene was about, you could always visit the annual Dia De Los Flojos Picnic – with this years held at Brand Park in Mission Hills, CA. 

What you can expect to see…

The Dia De Los Flojos picnic packs a full house, and the rides on hand are a throwback in time. Mini trucks, lowrider euros, lifted 90’s style 4×4’s, lowriders, classics, you name it. Along with a good time and classic tracks bumpin’, the only thing missing is the early 90’s fashion – you know, the pompadours, the baggy pants, the cha cha shoes, but that might be a good thing. 


I spent a good part of the day chopping it up with friends, and as always, the cars are cool, but the camaraderie is where it’s at. Everyone is super chill, down to show you around, and since this was my first time attending this particular show, it was good getting some background on the cruise scene from OG’s like Dream on Photography. Angie from A1.visualz was on deck doing what she does best, and as always, it was good running into Smiley (Majestics CC), the homies from Individuals and the usual suspects like OG Buster and the rest of the tribe. 

Even though it started a bit overcast, the weather was perfect, and to be honest, right now is the perfect time to throw any outdoor event in So Cal. It’s warm but not blistering hot like it’s about to be in a few months when it feels like your chillin’ in a whale’s vagina. 

Till next time, we’ll see you around so stay safe out there. 


Some of the lowrider/ mini-truck clubs in attendance were: Flojos, Individuals, Majestics, Desirable Ones, Thee Exotic Ones, Highclass, USO, and Neu Exposure.