THE 45th Anniversary of individuals CC

July 3, 2021

Van nuys, ca

Words: Carlos Santiago  | Photos: Jay Vee  | Video: Danny Jay

Since 1976, the Individuals Car Club has been a staple of the lowrider community. With over 20 chapters spread across the United States, Canada, and Japan. Their contributions to the lifestyle are plenty and their name holds weight. So when they announced a Van Nuys Cruise Night to celebrate their 45th Anniversary, they set social media ablaze. 

This specific cruise was set to be one of the highlights of the year, and it did not disappoint. With some driving from as far away as New York, Chicago, and Georgia, the block was hot and the action was thick . To change up the coverage, we linked up with OG Hyro (President of Individuals NH chapter) and spent the morning at his compound in North Hollywood. Now if you’ve never been to his compound let’s just say it’s a site in itself and the perfect backdrop and starting point for this special day. 

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As we sat around waiting for cars to arrive, we learned quickly that cruising might be fun, but organizing one (and the logistics behind it) is a nightmare. Most of the morning was spent cleaning up the rides and waiting for stragglers to show up, but it’s not all that bad when you hang out at a place like this. 

With each passing hour, late arrivals began pouring in and by 3 pm the lot was packed. From there, cars and trailers took up all the street parking including an entire dead-end street that was a block away and at least seven cars wide. Seeing such a massive grouping of cars always brings a good vibe but is that much more special when it’s done in unity and mutual respect. 

Nestled among all the lowriders were a few exotics including a McLaren 720s, a Ferrari 488 as well as a blacked-out Lamborghini SVJ from our boys at R1 Motorsports. As always, it’s good to see a comingling of cars and owners who share a genuine interest in lowriding. 

Once the caravan left it was wild. With many cars rallying to get to the Blvd, most of us got separated and once we got close to Van Nuys we knew exaclty why. Van Nuys Blvd was filled to the brim with some spectators arriving as early as 11 am to claim their parking. Tons of clubs were in attendance including High Class, Ruthless Ryders, Streetwise, Majestics, Pegasus, and Plata o Plomo to name a few. 

(Bottom Left) Jack from Individuals did it right and showed up fashionably late to avoid the pre-set up festivities. 

You had to be there to truly experience this epic cruise and pictures do little justice in capturing the vibe and intensity of it.. 

“The Streets were packed & there was no

shortage of action on either end.”

Lady Lowriders were out in force, including the ones we spotted in this clean ass 64 Impala from Ruthless Ryders car club. 

We’ve got more pictures to share, but for now, we’re gonna call it a wrap. Stay posted for Pt 2 of our coverage from the 45th Anniversary cruise, as well as more event coverage from their picnic that was held at El Dorado Park. As always, thank you for your continued support and hang tight because we just got started.