Vanessa (left), Sandy (right)

LADY LOWRIDER CC Celebrate Their 1st Anniversary

These lady lowriders are focused on giving back and building a community they, too, can call their own.

Words & Photos: Daniel J.     |   Location: North Hollywood, CA

Humble Beginnings

A little over a year ago, Sandy Avila and Vanessa Sky wanted to start a car club that put women first. As avid female lowriders, the two were tired of playing backup orchestra, so the pair decided to orchestrate their own moves – and that’s when they formulated Lady Lowrider CC. 

The club’s goal was to create fair and equal representation for female lowriders, and their mission was to motivate women and drive home the fact that their only limitations were the ones they set upon themselves. While the club may be considered small because they have 8 members, they’re definitely a big deal. Their presence is welcomed with open arms, and these ladies aren’t afraid to stay active on the switch. The all-female, multi-denominational car club has built a solid brand reputation for being a force to reckon with. While their social equity encompasses over 100k followers, it’s just the beginning of a grand scheme to go global.

Girls Compete. Women Empower.

With plans on starting another chapter in Las Vegas, this is just the beginning, and LRS has been fortunate to watch this brand grow into a fan favorite club and source of inspiration for women all across the globe.  The multi-denominational club is about communal respect, and their rides vary from hoppers to show rides. They participate in community events, local gatherings, and even car shows from state to state. Still, when when you boil it all down to basics, they’re here to carry the legacy of lady lowriders while acting as the influencers who continue to push and represent the importance of women in lowriding. 

I was honored to receive an Appreciation Award during their 1st Year Anniversary party and to be honest, I was speechless and taken back. I showed up to support their mission, and I’m glad you kept it short and sweet because I’m not gonna lie, I was about to tear up. I would like to thank Sandy, Vanessa, and Lady Lowrider CC for the award, but more importantly, I’d like to thank them for always being good folks. You all have shown nothing but love, and at the end of the day, that’s what makes the lowriding community that much more special.  

So thank you for the award, and congratulations on a successful first year. 

In all, the evening brought together some of Lady Lowrider CC’s most loyal supporters, and to be honest, these are the times to be cherished. The folks who attended the 1st year anniversary of Lady Lowrider showed up out of love and respect. They were there to support the cause. They were there because they share the communal vision, and we have nothing but respect for them all.

Stay posted, because these ladies have plenty in store and we’ll be sure to break the news first.