By LRS Staff

The Pink Lady: A legendary 1955 VW Bug lowrider that started life in Sweden

A pink lowrider VW Bug? Yup. It exists and, to date, remains a legendary build that best exemplifies the creativity and vision in the early days of lowriding. 

Interestingly enough, this lowrider was built in Sweden – and not in Los Angeles as some other sources have stated.

Built in the 1980s by the famous Swedish hot rodder Bernt Karlsson, the Pink Lady is the ultimate custom Beetle. It’s a testament to Bernt’s incredible skills and imagination, and it shows just how far you can go when you’re willing to push the boundaries.

The modifications on the Pink Lady are endless. There’s the roof chop, the split double hinged gull-wing doors, the wild front end, the crushed velvet swivel seats, the Betamax video player, and the chrome detailing on the hydraulic suspension and floorpan. This car is truly one of a kind. In fact, Bernt actually built the Pink Lady twice. The pictures of it painted blue are from the first version.

If you recognize Bernt’s name, it’s probably because he later moved to America in 1988, taking the Pink Lady with him. He opened his own custom paint shop and became a regular on the TV show “American Hot Rod,” which featured the antics of Boyd Coddington.

No VW Beetle has ever been as wild or as memorable as the Pink Lady. Bernt Karlsson’s creation will always be remembered as a true masterpiece of custom car building.

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More about Bernt Karlsson:

Bernt Karlsson was a skilled mechanic and car enthusiast passionate about lowriders. When he came across a beat-up 1955 VW Bug in a junkyard, he saw the potential to turn it into a one-of-a-kind lowrider.

Over the course of several months, Bernt restored the VW Bug, replacing the engine and transmission and giving it a fresh coat of paint. But he didn’t stop there – he also installed hydraulic suspension and shiny rims, transforming the car into a true lowrider.

To make the Pink Lady stand out even more, Bernt chose a bold shade of pink for the exterior. The Pink Lady quickly became a hit on the car show circuit, winning awards for its craftsmanship and style.

As word of the Pink Lady spread, Bernt received more and more requests to build custom lowriders. He turned his hobby into a business and started a company specializing in building these unique vehicles.

The Pink Lady, named after its eye-catching color, became the flagship model for Bernt’s business. It symbolized his dedication to lowriders and his commitment to creating one-of-a-kind vehicles.

To this day, the Pink Lady remains one of the most iconic lowriders ever built, thanks to the hard work and creativity of Bernt Karlsson.