Story: Carlos Santiago |  Photos: Jay Villa (BRS)

Along with her club brothers, Tina Blankenship-Early, The First Lady of Supernatural Lowriders, spearheaded the celebration for their 27th Anniversary. The picnic, which turned into a grand assembly of love, unity, and peace, was held at Whittier Narrows and it didn’t take long to pack the house. Now I’m not good with numbers, but let’s just say Whittier Narrows is one of L.A. County’s biggest parks and she had the place on full tilt within hours.  

By the time we arrived, the line to get in was about 40 cars deep, and that in itself was a show. We saw old school dually’s on Alcoas, Mustangs on Daytons, bombs, V-Dubs and some relics from the past including the Guns n Roses Impala now owned by Compton David. 

Honestly, covering this show was fun, but as a I write this a few days later my legs still hurt from covering what seemed to be an endless number of cars. Many of the usuals suspects were on hand, as well as some of So Cal’s finest lowriders and lowrider clubs. At one point, the event got so packed it made it difficult to photograph, but I did manage to find a good handful of lowriders who you could tell got there early because of how well-spaced they were.  


Tina Blankeship-Early: Event Organizer and 1st Lady of Supernatural Lowriders

Parking at the event was crazy, and I even spotted one super clean Lincoln that used sandbags to help him up and over a curb. Go figure, the man came ready and with a plan. In the end, it was a good time, and next year I’ll be sure to ask for some backup covering this show because this get-together was definitely no joke. Big ups to Tina and the Supernatural Lowriders family for putting this together because it was a blast. 

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