Mister Cartoon is back at it, and time around he's teamed up with Pepsi to do more than just a commercial

By LRS Staff

Do you know what drives big brands? Aside from great products, it’s excellent marketing. It’s about being in touch with your target market and aligning your brand with those who champion excellence within their craft and cultural heritage. That said, Pepsi has always been a brand that understands the theory, and they’re the latest duo of commercials are proof. First, they released “The Call,” featuring Dr. Dre, Snoop Dogg, and an entire cast of superstar power. But they doubled down and even created a commercial on their latest collaboration with Mister Cartoon. As an added bonus, the commercial was just the beginning of it, as the star car from the commercial was a custom commission built by Mister Cartoon himself.  

Dre sitting shotgun while Snoop whips the ’59 Impala

While the commercial offers insight into Mister Cartoon’s background, what connects with the audience is the way it’s shot, the car that was built, and all the places featured. From Boyle Heights to DTLA, this commercial captures the spirit of Los Angeles, and it does so in the most authentic way possible. Whereas others would consider the use of lowriders as being “risky,” the Pepsi creative team understands the significance of the folks they pair with as well as the content they command. In short, they know the grassroots of LA culture, and not only did they take a chance, but they also knocked it out of the park and played a significant role in highlighting the world of lowriders in a deserving manner.