The Kelly Clarkson Show brings out Jay Leno to Surpise the Female Lowriders from Duenas Car Club

By LRS Staff 

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It’s not often lowriding gets significant airplay on network television, but yesterday The Kelly Clarkson Show did the world of lowriding right. Ms. Clarkson did an excellent 10-minute segment on women and cars, and a good portion was dedicated to Angel, the founder of the all-female lowriding crew Dueñas Car Club from Sunnyvale, CA. Along with her club sister, also named Angel, they dove into the inspiration behind their builds, a ’65 Impala and ’86 Cutlass Supreme, and talk about how as lady lowriders, they help their local communities through charity drives that benefit everything from the impoverished to breast cancer awareness.

Even better was Kelly Clarkson arranged to have Jay Leno be a surprise guest on her show, and that’s when he gifted the lady lowriders a Snap-On Toolbox and a Jay Leno’s Garage car care gift set.  

This segment of The Kelly Clark Show sheds a positive light on the culture of lowriding, and it’s the type of coverage that serves the lowrider community well. To add to that, it sends an empowering message to women of all ages to live life on their accord and to live beyond the boundaries and constraints of old-world thinking. 

On that note, congrats to the ladies from Dueñas Car Club, and thanks to Kelly Clarkson and the Exec. Producer for doing a great piece.