Plata O Plomo Hop at
The Mericana

Coverage by LRS Staff | Published: Nov. 2, 2021

Plata O Plomo hosted CC HOP FEST 2021 and it all went down at The Mericana in Long Beach. With plenty of friends and familiar faces at the spot. It didn’t take long to pack the lot, and at one point the lot was packed beyond capacity so people took to the streets to show their support as they scrambled to find whatever parking they could.

While this wasn’t your standard cruise or meet at the park, CC Hop Fest definitely brought a nice sized crowd with plenty of new photographers who were out shooting their shot. For what appears to a be first time effort at putting on their own event, it looks like Plata O Plomo CC may have to find a much bigger spot because the support they received far outweighed the venue. 

 Till next time. Enjoy the flicks and stay proper. 


Long Beach Lloyd’s yellow ’61 Impala continued to be a class act, while Jimmy Humilde showed up with a few new toys and no show wouldn’t be complete without High Class CC bringing out a few of their rides.