The Super Bomb Show

The Bomb's Magazine "Super Bomb" Show packed a full house of your favorite lowrider and lowrider bombs.

Story: LRS Staff | Photos: Jay Steen & Jeff Flangian | July 25, 9:30 pm PDT

Spotted this clean G Body with the chrome undies on

Bomb’s Magazine held their Super Bomb Show at the Anaheim Convention Center and to say they packed a full house would be an understatement. We decided to show up for roll-in, and let me tell you, they had the process dialed in. The minute we got there we actually had thought no one had shown up but it turns out everyone was already in the building. As each grouping of showcars entered the staging area they were promptly escorted into the facility and it was a flawless process – and something other cars shows many want to observe – especially the fellas over at Lowrider Magazine.

Inside the show, there was a bit of everything for everyone and two of the stand out clubs were Dukes and Viejitios. They came in full formation, and as everyone prepped for show time, we walked the hall to scope out some damn nice rides and catch up with a few friends we haven’t seen in a minute. 

Teenage Love: A great example of the reincarnation of traditional lowriding


Like any lowrider show, the vibe is always spot on but the Bombs Magazine show definitely catered to an older and more chill crowd. About the only thing loud and pronounced were the screams of sirens as Viejitos CC made their trademark entrance. There were also a good handful of cars that were “under construction” and to be honest, those always seem to be the funnest cars to not only look at but take pics of. It’s interesting to see how far along in the process they are, and it’s even better to see them make short strides toward their final vision. 

Click the video above for or video coverage of the Bomb Super Show

BOMBS Magazine

The show was put together by Bombs Magazine in conjunction with La Cultura and if you’re looking for a magazine dedicated to bombs and classic rides then be sure to check Bombs Magazine. The cover of their current issue has a heavily patterned Chevy called “Teenage Love” and it definitely does not disappoint. 

A little bit of everything for everyone 

Strong Showing of Lowriders

Not that we counted, but the show seemed to have brought in between 600-700 cars, and the only complaint we had was that the cars were parked far too close together which made it hard to get the money shots. Needless to say, the Bomb’s Magazine Super Bomb Show was a good time and it was great seeing all our friends and familiar faces. 

She of the stand out rides at the Bombs Magazine Show

Clean Pick Ups. Which one would you take? 

To truly appreciate a lowrider you have to pay attention to the details found throughout

We’ll have more pics up shortly as well as a few announcements you don’t want to miss.