Lowriding Legend: The "Joker" built by Red's Hydraulics

Joker, the 1963 Impala built by Red’s Hydraulics is a true masterpiece of the Lowrider world. 

January 3, 2023

Story & Photos: LRS Staff

Legendary enough to stand on its own, many old-time lowriders will agree that “Joker” belongs in an automotive museum. 

An Important Piece of Lowrider History

This one-of-a-kind lowrider was built decades ago by Red’s Hydraulics. It also remains one of the most revered lowriders from back in the day – only to come second to other rides from their own stable (think Black Widow & Redasaurus ’61) and this particular build remains one of the most well known lowriders within the community. Known for putting on one hell of a show, the Joker Impala features a custom graphic paint job and a radical hydraulic suspension system that allows it to dance and hop effortlessly over the pavement. Joker also happens to be one of those legendary lowriders that’s surrounded by many questions. 

So when we saw the Impala on display at the 2023 Majestic’s New Years’ Celebration, we weren’t just floored, we were shocked and happy to see it live and pretty much intact. From what we know, the last official sighting of Joker at a major event was at the Essen Motor Show back in 2002. Interestingly enough, the vehicle was shipped via sea, and because delivery was late, rumors started spreading that it had sunk in the middle of the ocean – a claim that turns out to be false. 


The Most Recent Sighting of Joker

So who brought Joker out to the Majestics New Year Celebration? It turns out Red’s Hydraulics (Florida) brought the vehicle down, and to be honest, I’m old enough to have my own memories  of this relic. The ’63 Impala has definitely seen better days, but to see that natural wear and changes make it even more interesting to stare at. It was also interesting to hear people share their stories about their first time seeing Joker. Many reminisced about their early childhood, and credit Joker as being the king of the hop and dance competitions, and the same car that made them fall in love with lowriding. 

In short, Joker was – and still is – a game changer with staying power. 

Interest in this particular car was go great, that back in the early 2000’s there were multiple people interested in purchasing this historic lowrider. It all took place on the Lay it Low forum when a person claimed to be the new owner. In the weeks to follow there were multiple inquiries to purchase this epic lowrider with offers as high as $25K.  

Joker created such a huge cult following, that it soon became the subject for a series of toys based released by Lindberg

All in all, what you’re looking at is a time capsule back in time. It’s a relic and seriously a museum piece because of its significance in lowriding. If you think about it, Joker played an instrumental part in advancing lowriding from both a technological and entertainment standpoint. Watching Joker dance was unreal, and the vehicle had gained such a fanbase it eventually was turned into toys, die-cast cars, and even an R/C hopper from Lindberg toys!

If we hear anymore information about this radical dancer, we’ll be sure to update this page. 

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