Elevate Presents Ranflas Y Rolas 1st Annual Car Show

By Daniel J. 

When it comes to lowrider shows in Ventura County, there’s definitely no better show than Ranflas Y Rolas. What started off as a few picnics hosted by DJ IRock has become a full fledged show with a good cause thanks to Kevin and his team from Elevate. For this particular show, 100% of the proceeds went to the North Oxnard Warriors Football team. 

The lot was jampacked and was filled with a huge variety of cars, some of which included hot rods, lead sleds, modern american and one of the fan favorites a three wheeling volkswagen bug. It was such a trip seeing some people standing and staring at some of the hydraulic setups or chrome motors for long periods of time. As a matter of fact I was snapping some flicks of a hydraulics setup and an older gentleman asked me “is this what makes the car jump in the air?” I told him “Yessir!” he then looked at his wife and said “what an unbelievable machine!”

Its always nice seeing car cultures mix. Different walks of life, but with the same passion and same end goal… To build dope shit.