The Humilde Family cc Lowrider show at the pico rivera sports arena

March 2, 2022  | By LRS Staff

Mention the name Jimmy Humilde and it’s sure to raise a few eyebrows, but love him or leave him, he’s here to stay because there’s no arguing he loves and lives the culture. Aside from his impressive collection of lowriders, which appears to be somewhere in the neck of the woods of over 15 cars, he’s active on the streets and no stranger to drawing in crowds. This time around, he even went so far as to throw his own show to introduce the Humilde Family CC. 

The free event went down at the Pico Rivera Sports Arena, and he drew a good amount of cars that came from all over So Cal. The highlight of the show was the hop which took place inside the Sports Arena and it drew a competitive bunch who gave their all. Outside, there were plenty of custom lowriders and bombs, but a few standout rides included Jerry’s 1987 Buick Grand National that pushes 900 hp, and his impressive, low-mileage Buick GNX. 

The all day event drew a good crowd, and with live performances from Mack 10 and MC Magic, it brought back that nostalgic flavor that can’t be matched. Another crowd favorite was Tattoo Louie’s Impala wagon that was built the The Chevy Shop over in El Monte, CA. The plum colored battle wagon was damn near flawless, and perhaps one of the cleanest anyone has ever seen. 

It’s still early in the New Year, and this was one of the best local shows to date. This has also left many wondering what Jimmy might be planning next but just be rest assured if he’s planning something it’s going to be big. So as we celebrate a culture that’s powered by artistry, tradition, and family bonds, this is just another great example of the strength of lowriding. It’s here here to stay, and it’s not going anywhere so get familiar.