The Most Anticipated Lowrider Shows Battle It Out for 2023!!

Lowrider Super Show | Long Beach Convention Center | March 4th 

Lowrider Magazine’s Las Vegas Super Show may be one of the most highly anticipated shows for the year. But when it comes to their re-entry into the Los Angeles market, it will be met with severe competition, but that’s a good thing. For starters, Love 4 The Streets (L4TS) has been building momentum in the LA show circuit, and they’ve done a great job. Additionally, the team behind L4TS is active on the streets and supports the community in a more grassroots way. They support local shows and community causes, ride with the same people they invite to their performances, and are active in the community. In contrast, Lowrider Magazine has rested its laurels on its strong brand identity, but that doesn’t rob them of the fanfare they deserve – especially when you consider its deep roots, which started back in ’77. 


Original Lowrider Show | Cinco De Mayo | Los Angeles Convention Center | May 6th & 7th

To add to the equation, Lowrider Magazine’s former editor, Joe Ray (who has since parted ways with Lowrider Magazine), has introduced Original Lowriders, spearheading its first show that will be held strategically on Cinco De Mayo. 

But what does this mean? It means the lowrider market is stronger than ever. With all these competing brands, it’s a sign that the market is strong and growing, and it’s good for the community. The bottom line is competition drives improvement and ups the scale for everyone across the board, and this is precisely what the community needs. When Lowrider Magazine was the dominant and sole force in the show circuit, many complained about their lackluster shows and poor roll-ins, but they’ve since stepped it up. Why? It’s because of the competition, and this is precisely what our lifestyle needs – and deserves, besides there’s enough room for everyone to eat. The constant evolution of this culture should be at the forefront of any brand, show, or photographer who is blessed to capture the beauty of lowriding.  

Check our some of the footage from their past events below and we’ll see ya at all three of their incredible shows! 

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