Cruising to Glory: Lowrider Bikes Shine at the Cadillac Connect Show

October 7, 2023  | By LRS Staff

The world’s fascination with lowrider bikes should come as no surprise. In fact, many first-time viewers of a lowrider bicycle will stare in amazement as the bikes themselves are a sight seldom seen. As spectators gaze, they are mesmerized by the intricacies of these custom builds, and for many, it serves as a sneak peek into the lowriding lifestyle.

The art of crafting these custom bikes is practiced  both young and old, and these custom lowrider bicycles and trikes are rolling pieces of art that push the boundaries of imagination and metal artistry. On another note, the baby lowrider push carts always seem to be a fan favorite and it’s probably because it takes us back to a time when just about everything was made of metal. 

Okay, so we got a bit sidetracked on the topic of lowrider bikes, and the only reason it came up was because of the strong showing of bikes that were on display at the Cadillac Connect lowrider show on Saturday, October 7th.

This show has become an annual favorite within the lowrider community and is produced by Cadillac parts and accessory seller, Cadillac Connect. For whatever reason, this particular event was lighter on show vehicles than events he’s thrown in the past like this one here, but the shortage of vehicles to shoot made for the perfect time to focus on the strong showing of lowrider bikes, trikes and RC Lowriders that were on display. 

Sometimes we get so lost focusing on the cars, that we forget about all the custom lowrider bikes that put the same love and devotion into each build as their full size counterparts. From gold to chrome plate, engraving to hydraulics, every custom bike served as an extension of the builder with many of these bikes costing thousands – if not tens of thousands of dollars to build.