For the Love of Lowriding: 2024 Marks the First Year California Repeals the Ban on Cruising

January 1, 2024 | LRS Staff

In a historic move for 2024, Los Angeles recently lifted the ban on cruising marking a significant moment for the vibrant cultural expression that has deep roots in the city. The ban, which had been in place since 1988 (AB46), had sparked debates and protests among lowrider enthusiasts and cultural advocates, but in the end, the lowrider community came out victorious.

A few shot’s of a ’61 Impala convertible that showed up to the Crenshaw Blvd cruise.¬†

The decision to lift the ban came after a collaborative effort between the lowrider community, local authorities, and cultural preservation groups. Recognizing the importance of lowrider cruising as an integral part of Los Angeles’ cultural identity, city officials worked with stakeholders to address safety concerns and develop regulations that would allow for the responsible enjoyment of this unique tradition.

A few more shots from a random visit to Crenshaw Blvd. during one of their weekly cruises. 

The newly established guidelines prioritize safety while preserving the essence of lowrider cruising. Special permits are now required for organized lowrider events, ensuring that the events are well-coordinated and supervised. Additionally, strict noise and traffic regulations have been implemented to address concerns raised during the ban.

The lifting of the ban has brought a renewed sense of pride and celebration within the lowrider community. The ban’s repeal is a victory for lowrider enthusiasts and a testament to the power of community engagement and cultural preservation. Los Angeles has once again embraced the diverse expressions that make the city unique, demonstrating that a balance between tradition and progress is possible when communities come together to find common ground.

The bottom line:¬†Cruising is now legal, so don’t f*ck it up and understand that we each represent lowriding when we’re out and about, so we have to be our brother’s/sister’s keeper so make sure no one’s acting a fool or being the litterbugs that can negatively affect the movement that so many have fought to represent!¬†