Cruising May No Longer Be A Crime: The Bill To Repeal California Cruising Ban is Introduced in Assembly. What does this mean for you?

It might mean exactly what we’ve chanted for decades, “Cruising Is Not A Crime.”

Feb 11, 2023

Story & Photos: LRS Staff

A throwback to when cruising wasn’t a crime. 

A Turning Point for The Culture of Lowriding

Assemblyman David Alvarez (D-San Diego) introduced a bill in the Assembly on Monday aimed at legalizing cruising throughout California for the first time since 1992. Assembly Bill 436 would repeal several sections of the California vehicle code. Among the rules it would eradicate would be stripping local authorities from regulating cruising activities through ordinance or regulation. The bill would also repeal the law which prohibits lowriders and vehicles from being modified closer to the road.

Cruising, the act of driving custom, lowrider, and vintage cars slowly through a specific area or park to admire other vehicles, has seen a growing number of restrictions lifted in California in recent years. In the past year, cruising bans have been lifted in Sacramento and San Jose, and ACR 176 was passed, encouraging local governments and law enforcement to collaborate with car enthusiasts and lowrider groups to allow cruising events.

Assemblyman Alvarez authored the bill because he believes cruising events are integral to California’s culture and history. Assemblyman Alvarez wrote the bill due to the vehicles and cruising events being tied to the states culture and history.“I think the time has come the times have changed,” said Assemblyman Alvarez on Monday. “I think it’s appropriate now that we make sure that people can freely, and normally go about their lives enjoying these old cars. Without any possibility of being involved in illegal activity as it currently states.”

Assemblyman David Alvarez

Decades ago: The cruising scene before the ban on cruising. Images Credits: Rick McCloskey, Richard Sugi,  Barrio Boychik

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