Blast from the Past: Mini Trucks

The First Lady of Thee Exotic Ones Mini-Truck Club

Story & Photos:: Silvia Arasiao | July 10, 2022 | 9:30am PDT

Spotted this clean G Body with the chrome undies on

It’s been a few years since mini-trucks began to resurface like wildfire, and to be honest, it doesn’t appear to be slowing down. If anything, the scene continues to flourish, and as new builds get introduced, and weekly meets and cruises are starting to increase, their presence is welcomed and an essential addition to any part of car culture. 

These mini trucks offer a nostalgic flavor of the past. For newbies, these mini trucks are not only fascinating but also mechanical marvels that defy gravity with their dancing beds, dazzling paint jobs, and the songs and music that mark them an era. 

Spotted this clean G Body with the chrome undies on

Porsche Alloys with chrome rocker panels and air brush murals are the staple of any mini truck


This Nissan here belongs to the first lady of Thee Exotic Ones, and it’s a build that allows her to cruise with her husband and son – each of who also happened to have their mini trucks. It’s a custom set-up that’s tailor-fit for a queen, and we’re sharing a set of photos we snapped last year during the tail end of Covid. We’ll be releasing more photo sets in the weeks to come, but for now, you can enjoy this blast from the past and a reminder of the good old days when life was more straightforward and social media meant we spoke to each other in person – or at least on the phone. 

Have a good day y’all. 

Couples that Cruise Together, Stay Together.

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