At 4:27 am this was the first row of parked cars we came across


Early Morning Coverage of
Day at the Bay Custom 
Car & Bike Show

A few snaps from the roll-in

Story: Carlos Santiago | Photos: LRS Staff | Aug 14, 2021 9:30am PDT

Spotted this clean G Body with the chrome undies on

With a roll-in time of 4 am, the Day at the Bay Custom Car & Bike Show has the earliest roll-in time we’ve ever heard of. But since we didn’t have a car to bring, it didn’t matter much since the plan was to show up at 10 am with all the regular spectators. But that’s when we thought, why not just show up at 4 am and cover the event from a different perspective? Or at least start off that way, so that’s what we did. 


Lady Lowrider: Kris, the 1st Lady of Public Enemy CC drove from LA to San Diego on 13’s

We came across this Cadillac owned by Kris, the 1st Lady of Public Enemy car club. She drove from Los Angeles to San Diego on 13’s, and definitely held it down for the club. Luckily she was awake, because there were a handful of cars we wanted to shoot but the owners were sound asleep in their cars.  

Most of the cars on display were sandwiched together leaving little to no room to shoot.
We did catch this ’60 Impala from USO Harbor Area that had prime show space.
Owner: George Jiminez 

By 5 am, the sun was slowly burning through the clouds so we took advantage of what time was left. On another note, it was kinda funny to take note of people staring at us as while we shot. Then again, we probably looked a bit strange shooting photos in the dark. 

Most of the show cars were parked so close together it left very little room to shoot but we did manage to find a few like George’s 1960 Impala from USO Car Club. With a paint job like that it’s hard to not stand out and it’s a definite looker. 

Domingo Vallejo’s ’63 Impala

Bibi’s ’68 Impala

Klique car club 

San Diego’s very own Klique car club lined the main entrance and gawd dayum they killed it. They brought a fleet of lowriders which was highlighted by a collection of  award-winning, Tri-Fives and 60’s Impalas that sat on it’s own mound. (Pics of that in the next post)

Embarcadero Park made for the perfect venue and photo opp. From one angle you had views of skyscrapers, but walk the other way and you had your choice of parked yachts, the San Diego Bay, the Convention Center, or the Coronado bridge. 

A grouping of Impalas with the San Diego Convention center in the backdrop. 

Individuals CC (SD) setting up camp while Angelica’s red Bel Air sits pretty in the corner. 

Stay posted because we’re dropping more coverage of the 2021 Day at the Bay car show tomorrow.