Sugabear's After Party at the Park for the 2021 Autism Car Car Show in Riverside

Words &  Photos: Carlos Santiago

Do you know what’s better than a car show or a party? The after-party. 

After-parties give us reason to extend the good times, and for car lovers, it’s a reason to stay out and show off all that hard work spent waxing and polishing your ride. Because of that, Suga Bear SD threw an after-party for the 2021 Autism Car Show, and it didn’t take long for him to pack the parking lot and side streets of Morrison Park in Moreno Valley.

We saw plenty of the lowriders from the show, but there were also plenty of cars that reminded us of the ’80s and 90’s cruise scene. While we feature lowriders primarily, we do pay respect to other cars of the cruise era, and a few that stood out was a LTD Crown Victoria wagon, a Buick Elecktra, and a matte white Lincon, and ragtop Bug. Here are a few flicks from the meet-up.  

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