One of So Cal’s Fastest Growing Cruise Nights 
is getting bigger and better.

Story: Roger Figueroa | Photos: Daniel Jay

Car shows may showcase a culture, but it’s the cruise scene that truly defines it, especially if you live in So Cal. Just weeks into spring, car meets and cruise nights are on full tilt, and Easter weekend was a prime example. With over seven meets spread across the weekend, the hands-down winner was No Man’s Land in Santa Ana. 

Hosted by titocano85 (his IG handle), No Man’s Land started off as a small get-together but has since become a major force in the cruise scene. Spanning 7 blocks (yes, we said SEVEN blocks), the show takes up S. Yale St, then continues onto W. Harvard Street. But this is no ordinary cruise spot. It’s well organized and a mini-show in itself. This time around, the event attracted 100’s of cars ranging from classic to lowriders – and even a few exotics. It also boasted over 40 pop-up shops, including our friend Dream On Flicks, Street Ent, and a ton of eateries, including El Jefe Baja Style, Mr. Panchitos Michelada, and Taquitos la Chata, to name a few.  

Car clubs in attendance included many of the usual suspects, including Southern Royalty, Maniacos, Illustrious, Showdown, and Desirable Ones. We first found out about No Man’s Land last year, and it’s great to see how the show has grown in popularity. Then again, it was to be expected. It’s well organized, a chill spot, and a family event that all can enjoy. 

But set aside the show, the festivities, and the cool cars, and what you have here is a show that’s done out of love and respect for the community – and we’re talking more than just the lowrider community. As the show’s organizer, he didn’t want to tarnish his name with the community – or the trash to reflect the lowrider community – which is why the very next day, titocano and his crew came back to pick up all the trash left behind. 

On the one hand, we can’t help but hold his event and character in the highest regard, but on the flip side, it’s pretty disappointing that some of our own community members can’t just pick up after themselves. In light of that, we tip our hat to the team that produces No Man’s Land and be on the lookout for a full feature on the man behind what might just become the next big thing.