Born x Raised & Mister Cartoon
Cinco de Mayo Collaboration Tee

Stop reading this and head over their site now if you want a chance to get anything. As of this writing (only 30 min after the release, they are already sold out of the rolling trays, lighters, and keychains!)

But what else would you expect when two legendary brands from two different eras collaborate for a Cinco De Mayo release. Offering a variety of shirts, crew necks, air fresheners, lighters, and sticker packs, there’s something for everyone, but you’d better act now. 

News of the limited-edition Cinco de Mayo capsule release was launched last night in a viral video that took social media by storm. It’s also nice to see the inclusion of lowriders by two formidable brands in a manner that’s void of the negative associations often found in movies and rap videos. 

Congrats to Born X Raised and Mister Cartoon for this epic drop, and make sure to peep the video below. It’s an epic piece that takes place against the DTLA skyline on the world-famous Myers Street. You’ll also see a good sampling of lowriders from clubs such as Pegasus LA, Westside Car Club, as well as appearances by Estavan Oriol, B-Real, Muggs, and of course Mister Cartoon. 

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