One Year Death Anniversary
of EDDIE "Spooky" Mijangos

Gone but never forgotten

Date: July 18, 2021
Coverage: Daniel J

LOCATION: Paramount, CA Time: 10 am - 6 pm

Aside from the upswing of cruising, 2020 was a bittersweet year for lowriding. In that single year, we lost a good handful of influential figures from the world of lowriding. Among those lost were  Eddie “Spooky” Mijangos, Kenneth “Doc” Steward, Albert “Gordo” Dominguez, and Howard Gordon just to name a few.   

But if you stop and think about it, we lost so much more than their physical presence. We lost their voice. We lost the countless stories and experiences that made them who they were, and those stories are all a part of lowrider history.  

It’s also a large part of why we started this site. We wanted to document the stories that have never been heard and give them a place to live. In he end, it is our belief that you can’t understand the future if you don’t know your past, and that’s exactly why we started Lowrider Syndicate. For now, this might be a place to chronicle what the lowrider community has done, but 10 years from now these moments will be a part of history to help educate the next generation of lowriders who will carry the torch. 

Spook's Family holding custom plaques

In light of that, last weekend marked the one-year death anniversary of Spooky, so to celebrate his life, Lori put together a memorial bbq at Paramount Park. This celebration of life gathered a strong showing with an early arrival of 60 cars and about 100 people. Unfortunately, local authorities blocked off entry by noon. Nonetheless, there was a strong showing of support and it was great to see the many friends and familiar faces. 

The memorial plaque featuring photos of Spooky and the '62 Impala he built.

I managed to snap a few photos which you’ll see here, but this time around I focused more on the video to help memorialize the event. So here’s a few flicks and the video can be viewed on top of this page. 

Since the party ended early, many attendees reconvened on Sunset Blvd and we’ll have coverage of that up shortly. Some of the car clubs in attendance included: South Side, Los Angeles, Low Bottomz, Lifestyle, Maniacos, and LA Times. 

A special thanks goes out to Lori for the invitation and continued support.