Original Lowrider | Super Cinco de Mayo Car Show

Story & Photos: LRS Staff

Lowriding and Cinco de Mayo go hand in hand like wine and cheese – or better yet, chips and salsa. It’s a weekend spent with friends and family as we celebrate Mexico’s victory over the Second French Empire at the Battle of Puebla in 1862. Of course, not everyone knows their history, and many use Cinco De Mayo as a day to throw back some cold ones, but to each their own, and we ain’t here to judge. 

This past weekend was jam packed with events. From Elysian Park with LA Times, to the G-Side party hosted by Genocided at the Pink Motel, those were just a few of the events going down but the big contender for the past weekend was Joe Ray’s Super Cinco De Mayo Show which was spearheaded under his new brand he calls, Original Lowrider. 

This two-day show packed a full house of vehicles, and prior obligations had us at different shows but we decided to snap a few shots during roll in and there were definitely some nice rides on deck.  

This is part one of our coverage, and we’ll post up more in a few days as well as photos from Whittier Blvd Cruise as well as the G-Side party that always draws a full crowd. Stay posted. 

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