Looking Back: A Look at Some of The Toys at Speedy's Metal Finishing

Battle Tested & Show Ready

Feb. 14, 2023

Story & Photos: LRS Staff

Pretty incredible when you think that this is just a small part of Lewis Rodriguez’s (Speedy) collection of Lowriders.

Speedy's Metal Finishing

Chrome, gold-plating, and engraved parts are an essential parts of lowriding. They add character to each build, add the final touches to any lowrider, and are the small but essential parts that complete the vision. Now when it comes to the “go-to” shop, there may be options and a good handful of options, but Speedy’s Metal Finishing remains one of the top choices for those in the know. But they’re not only plating specialists but lowrider enthusiasts who constantly churn out fresh builds and aren’t afraid to take them out – rain or shine. 

Last year we had a chance to head over to Speedy’s Metal Finishing, and he opened up his toy chest and allowed us to cruise his facility and snap a few shots. We spent a few hours snapping some flicks, and here are just a few from a set of almost a hundred that we fired off. Enjoy!

With lights peaking through cracks and crevices it made for the perfect mood. 

Thanks to Jonathon for letting us come through, and we’ll be releasing more photos shortly. The one thing that became clear was that many of these lowriders might be show-ready, but they also had their fair share of battle scars, and it’s with good reason. They’re not afraid to pound the pavement, they take them out rain or shine, and to be honest, it’s a heartbreaking sight for some but proof that the crew truly enjoys their builds. From hopping to three-wheeling, they represent High Class Car Club, and the battle wounds on each car are proof positive that they’re in it to win it, and it’s done for the love of the game. 

In the meantime, if you need chrome, gold or any refinishing be sure to hit up Speedy’s Metal Finishing over in Long Beach, CA. 

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