Rain or Shine: The Massacre Must Go On

Team HHH vs. Everybody

January 7, 2023

Story & Photos: LRS Staff

Even the rain couldn’t stop the action 

Can't Stop. Won't Stop.

Rain – or even the potential for rain – will stop many car enthusiasts from bringing their rides outside. But not for most lowriders.

Hardcore lowriders will brave rain and even snow to stretch the legs of their lowriders, and this past New Year’s Day was no different. Even with torrential rains pouring, lowriders came out in full force, with Jimmy Humilde and Speedy’s Metal Finishing being the first to arrive for the Massacre. They arrived for setup the night before and even during the event, it didn’t stop hundreds of others from attending what was one of the most anticipated meet ups for 2023.

Lowriders are a unique subculture of car enthusiasts who are known for their passion and dedication to their craft. These individuals spend countless hours customizing and modifying their vehicles, turning them into rolling works of art. One of the hallmarks of lowrider culture is the willingness to show off their cars at any opportunity. Whether it’s a sunny day or pouring rain, lowriders will always be willing to take their rides out on the road and showcase them to the world.

Pinches Lowriders & Diavlo 666 caught in action

The Most Recent Sighting of Joker

But this bravery and dedication extend to even the photographers who cover the scene; among the first to cover the show was Tony (Dream On Photography). He’s an industry vet that’s become a household name, and even with rain pumping harder than a cut coke head, he was out there beating everyone to the punch. 

Here are a few teaser shots from the day’s festivities, and we’ve got plenty more, but we’re currently stuck in the mustard trying to catch up with all the work piled up on us. As always, thanks for cruising by. 

Joker created such a huge cult following, that it soon became the subject for a series of toys based released by Lindberg

Aside from the visual appeal of lowriders, the gathering of these art cars provide not only a sense of community, but the sharing of a culture that was built right here in Los Angeles. Often referred to as a lifestyle or culture, lowriding may have once had a bad universal rap, but those days are slowing fading as the world has now begun to see the beauty, artistry, and pride in what can only be described as an automotive culture that is drive by passion, dedication and heritage.  


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