Super Natural Car Club | 28th Anniversary Celebration

By LRS Staff

Lowriding is one of the most social forms of custom car culture. With weekly cruises, meetups, and events, lowriders don’t need an official show to celebrate the culture. All they need is a few friends and a place to park. So when Super Natural car club celebrated its 28th Anniversary, we knew it wouldn’t disappoint. With plenty of friends and familiar faces on deck, the event went down in San Pedro and packed a full house with late arrivals forced to park in the accessory lot across the street.  

Among the clubs in attendance was Super Natural, Professionals, Low Bottomz, Watts Life, and KenFolk, to name a few. The show boasted an all-star lineup of some of LA’s finest, and get this; they were feeding the masses. Yup, they were handing out plates of ribs and potato salad, but then again, what else would you expect since  Super Natural car club is known for throwing some of the biggest and best annual gatherings for the lowrider community.  

But don’t believe us. They’ve been doing the damn thing and the proof is in the pudding. Check out their 27th Anniversary that went down last year in Whittier by clicking here

Plenty of  trunks & hoods were popped to showcase the goods.