Celebrating the Holiday Spirit on Full Tilt

Desirable One’s Celebrate the Holiday Spirits at Steven’s Steakhouse  

Coverage: LRS Staff

PARKIN’ LOT PIMPIN: A parking lot full of the mini trucks that reigned supreme in the late 80’s, early 90’s

Mini trucks are a memorable part of 80’s automotive culture. Unlike anything anyone had seen before, mini trucks brought the action to the streets. With tilt beds, dancing beds, booming systems and custom paint, these were the good ol days of disco biscuits, the cha cha, and if you could make a soundtrack of the time period you already know it would be filled with jams from Trinere, LA Dream Team, Connie, Debbie Deb, Lisa Lisa – you get the point. 

Among the mini truck clubs responsible for creating all the noise, a few stand out, and among them is Desirable Ones. Back in the day their mini trucks rode alongside the lowriding community and nothings changed. Even till today, where you find lowriders,  you’ll find mini trucks and they go hand in hand despite what anyone else says – even if they claim to be an authority.  

In fact, one of Desirable Ones landed front cover of Lowrider Magazine way  back in the day with RED DEVIL and the truck is still around. To see the full feature we did on The Red Devil click here.  

BANDS MAKE HER DANCE: A Hi Low hydraulic setup soaks up the limelight and is responsible for making this bed dance. 

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So when Alfredo from Desirable Ones invited us to their Christmas dinner we shot on by to snap a few flicks. Seeing these minis are a blast from the past and now that there’s a resurgence of old mini truck clubs bringing back their old builds and creating new ones, it’s looking like it’s here to stay.