We Shoot Out to San Diego to
Scope Out Their Lowrider Scene

Story & Photos: Daniel Jay

This Father’s Day weekend, we changed it up a bit, so along with our friends Jimmy and PeeWee, we shot down to San Diego to scope out their cruise scene and we started off at the La Vuelta Father’s Day Picnic. With a light breeze and good weather, San Diego became the perfect place to escape the L.A. heat but once we arrived all we say was a single row of lowriders. Needless to say, we got out, snapped a few pics, and chopped it up with a few locals before they told us about another event happening on J Street. 15 minutes later, we were cruising J Street with nothing in sight, so thanks to social media, we did our own investigating and realized they were probably talking about the J Street Marina. Thank God for social media.


The second spot we hit up turned out to be a winner. Our friend Albee said it was the LA vs. SD hop pregame so we knew we were in the right spot. As soon as we pulled up, we saw a massive crowd of people, and right behind them were the nose cones of a blue ’61 impala from Majestics CC and a red/ gold ’62 impala from Game Over CC.  

A good time, to say the least, it gave us a break from what we’re used to in L.A., and we also got a chance to meet some new friends. The one thing I will say is the vibe is different. It’s chill, the weather was spot on, and damn, they keep their areas clean. Unlike the litterbugs back in L.A., the S.D. crowd was clean as a whistle. But before some of y’all get butt hurt and try to start some beef, take it for what it is, because at the end of the day, we all claim the streets to be our galleries and our cars as the canvas, so let’s keep our galleries clean.

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