Lowriding for a Cause: The 4th Annual Inland Empire Autism Awareness Car Show

Story & Photos: Frank de Garza 

With April being Autism Awareness Month, the Autism Society and Ridin Low Entertainment organized their 4th annual Autism Awareness Car Show in Riverside, CA. The family affair was jam-packed with a gathering of lowriders and classic cars.  Other sponsors included the non-profit No More Locked Doors, We Ride Family, and DJ Boogie, and the group effort was a smash hit. Spectators were treated to a mini-concert hosted by hometown hero ODM (Lighter Shade of Brown) and Angel Baby, Candyman, Bella the Rapper, Miss Karissa B., and appearances by Danny Trejo and Midget Loco, to mention a few. 

The event featured rows of vendors, including Street Juice, Chingon the Magazine, Street Entertainment, and plenty of food vendors ready to serve up specialty plates, drinks, and desserts. A few of the clubs we ran across included Travel Team, Los Angeles, Majestics, Contagious, Soldiers for Christ, Elgants, and Abraxas LTD. 

About Autism

Autism or ASD (Autism Spectrum Disorder) is a developmental disability.  It can cause disruptive social, communication, and behavioral challenges. Those with autism may communicate, interact, behave, and learn in methods different from others, and the severity of the condition varies. Some may be extremely gifted; others may be severely challenged. Depending on the severity, many of them may require help during their daily lives. 

For more information on Autism, please visit Autism Society.