LAPD vs Lowriders: Why the Hate?

Lowriding is not a crime. Cruising is not a crime. It’s that simple, yet it is a recurring and often a misunderstood fact of life and law when it comes to certain law enforcement factions and lowriders.

Just recently, the LAPD was at the center of significant scrutiny when they posted “NO STOPPING” signs along York Blvd before an upcoming cruise. But herein lies the problem. “Why are they messing with lowriders but won’t stop “sideshows” or “street takeovers?”‘

We’ve seen it repeatedly on the news, and the LAPD seems to do nothing about the dangerous antics and ruining of city streets caused by takeovers. Yet they want to harass lowriders? It just makes no sense. In the same breath, it’s up to lowriders to speak their piece and stand up for the age-old culture that has long been at the center of not only a cultural tradition but a problematic relationship between lowriders and law enforcement.

It is also essential to remember that not all law enforcement outlets are guilty of harassing lowriders, and often the officers on the street simply follow instructions from the higher ranked constituents who put out the orders. In light of that, not all law enforcement officials fall under the same umbrella. Case in point, a recent cruise in Old Town Santa Ana was met with support from the Santa Ana Police Department, and their good graces were welcomed as the cruise hosted by Titocano and it went off without a single problem.

Additionally, recent laws lifting the ban on lowriding have worked in our favor. Still, the LAPD has often focused on stopping the wrong part of car culture. If lowriders continue to stand up for their rights and voice their opinions, then one day, the LAPD may finally realize that we won’t put up with it. Of course, this may take some time. Still, it’s well worth the effort of the many individuals and organizations that continually work to defend and positively promote the beloved culture.

In future posts, we’ll dive deeper into the topic while featuring some of the lowriding advocates who go the extra step to ensure this treasured art form is preserved, respected, and promoted.