National City Gives the Green Light to Repeal the Ban On Cursing!

April 5th, 2023

National City has officially repealed a law that once banned cruising lowriders! While this is a monumental decision that further allows lowriders to exercise their rights and display their cultural brilliance, there is still plenty to do, and much of that has to do with the culture itself. While the repeal on banning will allow us to hit the streets in full force, you will find many lowriders who remain concerned about the problems with littering – but that’s an entirely different topic we’ll touch on in a future post. For now, let’s celebrate the repeal on cruising!

The National City council has voted to repeal the cruising ban ordinance following a statewide movement initiated by lowriders from the area. While other California cities lifted their bans on cruising, National City lowriders encountered numerous obstacles. However, the leaders of National City have now recognized lowrider cruising as a cultural lifestyle and have lifted the ban on it. This marks a significant achievement for the lowriding clubs in National City, who have been advocating for this change for decades. The repeal of the law will bring back the cultural tradition of cruising on Highland Avenue. State Assemblymember David Alvarez has also introduced a bill to lift cruising bans throughout California. The ban was implemented in the 90s due to concerns about crime and traffic congestion. Many Black and Latino riders felt that this law targeted people of color. The repeal of the ban has sparked excitement among many men and women, who are now planning to join the lowriders and cruise the streets of National City without fear of being stopped or judged.