The Takeover Super Show: Anaheim

Love 4 the Streets is back at it again as they release another Takeover Super Show

Coverage by Danny J. | Location: Anaheim Convention Center 

Crowd Favorites: The first time at a show for the Mendoza Family and as expected, they did not disappoint. 

With only a handful of events companies putting on large-scale car shows for the lowrider community, there are a few that stand out. Among them seem to be the Torres Empire Super Shows and Love 4 the Streets with their now popular, The Takeover Super Shows. As both continue to do their thing, the one clear thing is Lowrider Magazine will have to step up its game if it plans on staying relevant in the decades to come.  

While Lowrider Magazine has a long history of being the preeminent leader of all things lowrider, that position – and title – are only as solid as their latest effort. But while these other production companies have stepped to the plate, they are definitely applying pressure where it needs to be, but like we always say, “Competition is good, and it’s what drives improvement from otherwise complacent leaders.” 


This past weekend I spent close to 10 hours capturing video footage while chopping it up with friends and family. While the attendance at The Takeover SuperShow was somewhat slim, I wasn’t complaining because it made for a great day of shooting. But don’t let the chill attendance fool you. What will catch your eye is the number of cars registered for the event, and trust me, as the years pass, the crowds will come to know that The Takeover Supershow packs a punch. 

The bottom line is all things great start small. When SEMA threw its first show in 1967, it was thrown in the basement of Dodger Stadium, and the total attendance was just 3,000 people. Fast forward to today, and SEMA  things attract over 100K people annually. In our estimate, Love 4 the Streets may become the next big thing for the lowrider culture, but ultimately, that’s up to you to decide. 

The Individuals North Hollywood came deep with this full line up of Cadillac sedans.

American Muscle in different formats. Love it or leave it, you have to respect the time and money put into these rides.



The Final Score: Chris Roark’s 1958 Chevrolet Impala. An award-winning piece of LRM History.



Two Monte Carlos that will go down in history for serving that heat.