PT 1: Genocide CC | G-Side Party at the Pink Motel

By LRS Staff

Genocide CC is best known for their off the wall paint jobs and lack of fear when it comes to going all out. They’re not afraid to push the envelope from interior to exterior, and their cars are among the crowd favorites when it comes to the streets or shows. So when they threw their 2nd Annual G-Side party at the Pink Motel, it was a no-brainer we had to go – especially after missing their first one.  

The show certainly didn’t disappoint, and the venue was perfect for the styles of cars in attendance. From lowriders to kustoms, the show was packed with everything from full-blown show cars to project cars that were midway through their build. With an empty pool doubling as a skate park, the pool was surrounded by vendors, including Dead End Magazine and SRVNTZ, just to name a few.  

Pink Motel x Genocide CC: This was the place to be on Saturday

Aside from the heat, the party was a breath of fresh air from the conventional cruises or parking lot meets, and the ambiance made for what could best be described as a throwback in time. The show was also packed with tons of photographers covering the event, and who could blame ’em since the Pink Motel made fo the perfect backdrop. 

So if you missed out on this event, make sure to add it to your bucket list because you won’t be disappointed. The G-Side party is sure to become one of those timeless events that will be hard to beat, so we’re looking forward to their next one. Till then, enjoy the photos, and thanks for your continued support.