Rollin With the Some of the Finest Lowriders in Los Angeles | Professionals CC

By Daniel J

It’s been 25 years since Lowrider Magazine has thrown a show in Los Angeles, and it was one for the books. As you may know, setting up a lowrider display is no simple task depending on the extent of your build. Some go as far as putting mirrors under their car to showcase how clean the bottom of their vehicles are. Lowrider implemented a two-day roll-in plan to ease the stress, and for the first day of roll-in to the LA Lowrider Supershow. 

We decided to roll with Mr. Tweet and Professionals Car Club to switch up the coverage to see how they get down. Now some of you probably know Tweet from his podcast “The King of Chevy’s Presents,” where he interviews celebrities, lowriders, and anyone passionate about the culture. The podcast is filled with plenty of sarcasm and witty banter, and if you’ve heard any of the podcasts or know him personally, you already know the day was filled with action. So enjoy the video and stay tuned for more coverage of the 2022 Los Angeles Lowrider Supershow.

Professionals CC Los Angeles