Feb 27, 2022  | By LRS Staff8

As we hit the end of the strip, we saw the front end of an Impala poking out and to our surprise, the Impala was Hop Shop’s very own Karou, better known to the lowrider scene as “Kay from the Door” a moniker given to her because of her, because of her ability to hit the switches of her hydraulic system from outside the car with the door open – a skillset reserved to few as it can be dangerous. 

Karou’s Impala is pristine. The body work and paint is spot on and the color takes on changes slight hues depending on the angle you’re at. To see it parked by it’s lonesome in an empty alley was a picture perfect opportunity to fire off a few shots. 

The event had a little bit of everything. From lowrider bikes to lowriders, traditional to full custom, the cruise had a good turnout. With food, art, vendors and live music, it made for the a good time but unfortunately we were limited on time so here’s a few more flicks from LA Raised and we have one more set coming shortly. Thanks for stopping by the site and we’re sorry for the lack of posts – but that’s all about to change so hang tight.