Second Part of our coverage
of the High Class Toy Drive

Photos: LRS Staff | Location: Bellflower, CA 

A few more snaps from the High Class Car Club Charity Toy Drive went down two weeks ago in Bellflower. This set was taken later in the afternoon when the colors were calmer, and the crowds thinned out. The one thing about shooting lowriders in a parking lot is the challenge of fighting the noise and background distractions. Sometimes you win, sometimes you lose, but it is nonetheless a tremendous challenge to get the right angles to truly capture the beauty of these rides. 

The Dark Knight mean muggin

Droppin’ that Booty Down Low

On a Classic High

A Fresh Line Up

How you park, and where you park play a critical factor in what a photographer can pull off. If your car is parked in a spot with lots of shadows or distraction – or if you’re parked too close together – it makes things difficult for any photographer to work their magic. The bottom line: If you want to increase the chances of your car getting photographed, make sure it’s parked in a good spot with enough room around it for us shooters to work our magic. 

OG Slick’s ’59 Impala is a picture perfect time capsule of American Car Culture

That 80’s Funk on Gold Daytons