High Class Car Club Hosts Their Annual Christmas Toy Drive

Photos: LRS Staff   |     Location: Commerce, CA

Bad ass lowriders, sick paint jobs, and nothing but good times at the Charity Toy Drive hosted by High Class Car Club – Los Angeles. It all went down on the 19th in Commerce and all toys were donated to inner-city children in need. With about four other toy drives on the same day, High Class brought out the heavyweights and the lowrider community came out in full force and packed the lot with some of So Cal’s baddest rides. 

One of the main attractions was Speedy’s line up of Impalas, while a few stalls down, South Side and Low Bottomz held it down along with an entourage of Tri-Fives scattered behind them. From mild to wild, stock to full custom, the lot became an outdoor showroom of some of the finest examples of lowriders including a wild ass Lincoln Continental from Originals. 


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Speedy’s lineup of 60’s Impalas  

OG Slick: Nuff Said

It’s a Family Affair: Had to snap a pic of Marc and the family as this was the first time he brought them all out. 

Blvd Family: John reppin his club and the Los Angeles Lowrider Community