Chevy’s New Commercial Will Put You in Your Feelings

Chevy’s “Holiday Ride” commercial was released last week and they killed it. This commercial is a piece of visual art. No hidden agenda. No corny sales push. Just a heartfelt story about the connection we as humans have with our rides and the special bond that’s created from memories of the past. 

Now some of you  might have already seen it on television, but do yourself a favor and watch the four minute, full-length version below. The commercial is about the one man’s emotional connection to a ’66 Impala and it”ll definitely get your in your feelings.  

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Funny enough, I watched this commercial with a friend and by the time it ended we were both silent. By the time the commercial ended we turned to each other with bulging eye lids, and that’s when we both said, “What?! and walked our separate ways…lol.  But seriously, this commercial was well thought out and it definitely captures the world’s obsession and love affair with automobiles. 

Well done Chevrolet. Well done.