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The Lowrider Influence

Lowride Everything, and that includes your Skateboard

A lowrider inspired skateboard that's not afraid to put in work

Story & Photos: Jay Villa | Aug 25, 2021 9:30am PDT

If building a lowrider costs too much, and a lowrider bike isn’t your thing, then why not try building a lowrider skateboard? While it may not be the most funcational thing you’ll ever build, it looks like plenty of fun and makes for a great piece of wall art that is sure to get folks talking. 

This skateboard here was put together by Richard and when we stumbled across it, the first thing we thought was that it was for show purposes only. We were wrong. Richard was more than happy to put his board to use and even showed off some of the battle wounds he’s collected from riding it around shows. 

To get the skateboard to sit this low, Richard cut through the custom-painted deck and mount the trucks up top. This in turn gives him roughly a quarter inch of ground clearance, leaving very little to no room to make hard turns. With chrome-plated and engraved trucks and a custom-painted deck, to build one would probably cost somewhere in the neck of the woods of $500 – a small price to pay when you consider the cost of building a full-sized lowrider.  

“Lowrider” style skateboards first emerged on to the scene in 2014, but now they’re becoming more intricate and more expensive to build. It has also come to a point where builders aren’t afraid of collecting battle wounds on their boards and Rich is a prime example of the latest enthusiasts to get in on the action. 

Richard cruising his board and then showing off the battle wounds he’s collected. 

Richard might look familiar and that’s because he’s one of the usual suspects at many of the So Cal lowrider or mini-truck meets. He’s often found in his green Nissan Sentra (Real Ones CC) that’s juiced, and just like his board, he’s not afraid to put it to use. His skateboard is a prime example of how lowriding has influenced other parts of culture and with the skyrocketing prices to build a lowrider, it may just become the next big thing for young lowrider enthusiasts on a budget. 

About the only thing his skateboard is missing is a set of white walls – which we added via Photoshop in this pic.