Lowriders & Classics: March 20,2021

Van Nuys Blvd Cruise Night

On Saturday, March 20th, we hit the Van Nuys Blvd Cruise Night, and it didn’t disappoint. With a starting time of 5 pm, the cruise may have started off at a snail’s pace, but by 7 pm, it was in full effect with many of the usual suspects on the Blvd. Among the clubs in attendance were Ruthless Ryderz, Majestics, Primeros, and Westside, to name a few. This time around, cruise organizers contacted the Van Nuys Police Department, who granted permission to cruise just north of the car dealerships where it usually takes place. In all, it was another night of family fun, camaraderie, and it was good to see everyone having a good time.

Cruising Van Nuys Blvd is an age-old tradition dating back to the late ’40s. Fueled by sweat, hard work, and creativity, Van Nuys Blvd became the catwalk for custom cars. It’s where builders and customizers showcase their custom builds and a destination point where spectators can sit back and enjoy the sights and sounds.

But the cruise scene has seen its low points. Old-timers will be sure to remember the crackdown on cruising that happened in the early ’90s. In 1992, the City Council cracked down on cruising at all the hotspots in L.A. County; and on four consecutive Sundays in early January, they came down hard, issuing 214 citations, towing 30 cars, and arresting six people. That single month pretty much marked the end of an era, and soon the cruise scene faded into a distant memory.

But fast forward to the present day, and the scene has changed and changed a lot. The revival of the cruise scene is refreshing, and as the old schoolers merge with the new generation of lowriders, they’re not only bringing back the memories of yesterday but the cars that came with it. From Van Nuys to Whittier, Crenshaw to Laurel Canyon, the scene is alive and well, and if you love custom cars, it should be on your bucket list.