Elegants Car Club Hosts a Fundraiser
for the Women's Basketball Team of
Cantwell-Sacred Heart of Mary

Lowriders get together for a good time and a good cause.

Story & Photos: Carlos Santiago & Staff | Aug 10, 2021 9:30am PDT

The back row of the field was lined with plenty of oldies but goodies. 

At the heart of lowriding lays a community that prides itself on giving back. Whether it be fundraisers, or lending a helping hand, lowriding is as much about helping as it is showing off their latest builds. So when Elegants (Montebello) CC invited us to their annual fundraiser we made sure to stop on by. With proceeds going to the Cantwell-Sacred Heart of Mary woman’s basketball team, the event brought a large showing of cars. 

Elegants CC had a slick line up of cars with intense paint jobs. From candies to pearls, patterns to murals, there was a little something for everybody. If you’re into bombs and classics, there was no shortage of rides to look at and as always it was good times for a good cause. 

Enjoy the flicks. 

Skittle Pack: A few of the lowriders lined up at the main entrance

Spanks Caprice laying it low
Spanks & Michael from the Imperials

Some of the attendees and vendors included Street Entertainment, Photorebel82, Shooter Rick, and Dezylu