Lowriders & Classics


July 2021

Los Angeles, CA

Tell someone you’re from L.A. and people get star-struck. But not me. I’ve never gone head over heels for a celebrity, and if anything I might even be a bit oblivious as to who many are.

Case in point: The one time I served a celebrity. 

When I used to work at PizzaRev, I helped out a blonde lady who was very nice. I took her order, customized her pizza, and hell, I even threw on some extra toppings for her. Once I was done I said, “Can I have your name for the order?” and that’s when things went south. Her smile turned to a frown and she looked somewhat insulted. Turns out it was Gwen Stefani. 

But like I said, I’m not the star-struck type and I was in no way trying to insult her. I just had no clue who she was.

Nonetheless, I may not get star-struck by celebrities, but I will grow a chubby for a clean custom car, especially if it’s as legendary as Fern’s 1958 Impala called “Moonflower.” 

When I saw it rolling towards me I was in awe. This was the same purple Impala that B-Real drove in the Cypress Hills music video for  “Lowrider” and one of the first lowriders to really spark my love for the culture, and a ride that I plan on shooting very soon. 

Plenty of the usual suspects were on the block and with them was a good sampling of Tri-Fives and plenty of Impalas. 



The legendary 1958 Impala "Moonflower" from Lifestyle Car Club.

Good times, good vibes, and damn good people. That’s the easiest way I could explain the vibe at any lowrider-related cruise or show, and this one was no different. It’s a family affair that brings out smiles and thumbs up from strangers, and it was good to see even those stuck in the gridlock enjoying the action giving their gestures of approval.  

Even the sweltering Los Angeles heat didn’t stop people from coming out to have a good time. Now I don’t know about you, but I can’t stand high humidity, and that day, I felt like I was stuck in a whale’s vagina. It was sticky, humid, and while it wasn’t good for me, it sure worked in favor of all the drink vendors. By 6 pm, I had already guzzled through two watermelon juices, three lemonades, and two horchatas. My friend Angie, who runs Sweet Life LA, told me that she ran out of watermelon juice and tamarind straws by 7 pm and called in for more to be delivered. 

Picture Perfect: Seeing a row of classic Chevys parked in the middle lane is definitely a sight to see, but sprinkle in a few cars from Lifestyle Car Club and it makes it even sweeter. 

If you weren’t here
you missed out

As temperatures dropped, the crowd’s energy soared, and by 8 pm, the streets were jam-packed with attendees dancing to the sounds of a live mariachi band. Honestly, this is the type of vibe that the movies always try to capture, but you just had to be there to experience it in its full glory. Simply put, the Sunset Cruise was a definite banger, and if it goes down again, you shouldn’t miss out.

Till next time…enjoy the flicks and stay safe!