It's No Chevy, but this '73 Galaxie
Gets the Street Cred it Deserves

Story & Photos: Daniel Jay

Always a welcome sight, this ’73 Ford Galaxie 500 is a massive canvas of steel. Dripping with traditional lowriding vibes, its distinct body lines and menacing stance give it an imposing demeanor. From Montebello Park to San Diego, 15th St to Pico, its owner, Eddie Flores isn’t afraid of tacking on the miles.  He built it to drive and he does just that.  

Eddie also likes to switch up styles, and you’ll either find him on a set of 15×7-inch reverse lip Cragars or 14×7-inch 45-spoke, True Spokes and it looks damn good either way. Powered by the factory 351 2V V8 engine, Eddie spotted the Galaxie five years ago and immediately fell in love with the lines and length of the car. Knowing it had potential, he had a graphic designer create a mockup of his vision and once Eddie saw it, he shot on over to Arizona to strike up the deal and drive it back home to create what you see here.  

In love with the original color, the Galaxie needed a freshen up, so he had it repainted in the same factory gold but added micro flake for extra shimmer. A phantom grille streamlines the frontend while the offset license plate and white vinyl top accent the overall look.

Inside, the interior is pristine and factory fresh. The super clean bench seats make this the ultimate cruiser, and noticeable enhancements include the white 8-inch donut steering wheel and a full set of custom-toppers and handles used on his antenna, window cranks, and switches.  

The ground-hugging stance is made possible by the four-battery, four-dump and four switch whammy setup done by Rubio’s Hydraulics. The system allows for front back, side to side action and its primary responsibility is to give this Galaxie its laid out posture. Aside from the Galaxie, Eddie is well on the way to releasing a few more non-Chevy builds including a 1952 Mercury he’s building with his daughter as well as a 1969 Buick Riviera.