Echo Park Cruise Night
hosted by
El Classico Tattoo & Spirt cc

Story & Photos: Caesar Ortiz

When El Clasico Tattoo posted up the Echo Park Cruise Night, I was all in. Having grown up both Silver Lake and Echo Park, these were my old stomping grounds, so instead of going to the Van Nuys Cruise Night, I shot on over to El Clasico. This was the first cruise I’ve attended since CA opened back up from the Covid lockdown, and I was trippin. The streets were packed, people were flooding the streets, and the cars just kept coming.
Street parking wasn’t even an option, and the closest spot I found was five blocks away and up in the hills. As I made my way towards El Clasico, the streets were flooded with a ton of traditional lowriders that set the vibe just right. Unlike Van Nuys Blvd, packed with Impalas and big body Cadillacs, the army of traditional lowriders that flooded Echo Park made for an impressive lineup that complemented the surrounding architecture.

I spotted a few clubs sporting their plaques including Spirit cc, Genocide cc, Ghetto cc, and “Bruja” from Wolf Hounds E.L.A – an old school bomb that oozed all elements of an old school flavor, including a patterned top and the phrase, “Casting Spells and Raising Hell” lettered on the trunk lid. Other highlights included “The Brown Sensation,” Tattoo Louies ’52 Suburban that was sucked up against the floor, as well as a whole lineup of classic 70’s big body coupes. 

The cruise lasted from 7-11 pm, and by night’s end, it damn near turned into a block party. So enjoy the flicks, and congratulations to El Clasico Tattoo for throwing one badass cruise night. This one will be hard to beat because the vibe was spot on, and we’re in high hopes this will become a recurring thing.