By Caesar Ortiz

When it comes to planning, life has a funny way of switching up on us. It happens to each of us, and for John Flores, a detour from his original plans may have been a good thing. Once intent on owning a ’61 Impala, those plans were halted when an already painted ’66 Impala SS presented itself. It was love at first sight, and since the paint and bodywork were complete, half the battle was done. 


Intent on making the purchase, John struck up a deal and went straight to work. Two years later, he’s already began implementing his own unique touches. From a fully detailed engine bay with all the mandatory power upgrades, to the 13-inch gold Zeniths, Mr. Flores is well on his way to completing his killer coupe. Throughout the car, you’ll find plenty of details including gold leafing and striping, a a wrapped frame, and a 3-pump hydraulic setup that is operational but not fully dressed up.

For John, this car isn’t only part of a lifestyle, but a way for him to blow off stress from the workweek. According to John, building his lowrider is therapeutic. It’s a way for him to blow off all the stress he accumulates during the workweek and I don’t blame him. With all that’s going on globally, we all need to have an outlet to unwind, and working on a passion project is always the best way to get your mind off things.

With his car still under construction, some of the suspension components need to get chromed out, but nonetheless, it was good to see his car on display. I envy the folks who have a passion for showing their builds even though they’re not complete. It shows their true passion and allows us all to watch their build come to life, and that’s definitely a trait many of us need to learn – myself included. 

Till next time, stay safe, keep your batteries charged, and your chrome clean.