40 Years of Proud Ownership

This '38 Chevy Master Deluxe is a well-preserved blast from the past

By Carlos Santiago

I spotted this ’39 Chevy Master Deluxe from afar and knew I had to shoot it. It was picture perfect from far, but the closer I got, the more I noticed its battle wounds, and the more it made me appreciate it. It was a well-kept survivor who showed its age, but it was perfect like a memory frozen in time. 

I started snapping pictures, and as I made my way back around, I ran into Fred, the owner. With a firm handshake and a genuine smile, he began to share details about his car. This is his pride and joy. He owned it for 40 years and he didn’t build it to be a trailer queen. According to Fred, he has no issue driving 80 or even 90 miles per hour in this car. With a host of upgrades, including a 350 transmission, power brakes, power steering, and a Mustang 2 front suspension. The ground hovering ride height comes by way of air suspension, and once laid out, the fenders swallow the Astro Supremes, which are massaged into a set of 520 tires. 

As a member of the car club, Early Pride Inland Empire, this relic was purpose-built. It’s got some miles on it, and to be frank,  the paint has held up quite well considering it was repainted over 25 years ago. It’s yet another survivor from the traditional days of lowriding and serves as inspiration to all of us who appreciate the culture and style of traditional lowriding.