Love 4 The Streets
& Rancho Humilde host
"Jimmy Humilde's Car Meet"

Story: Sam Salazar | Photos: Daniel J, Sammy Juarez

Did you know that a recent survey showed that almost half of all people celebrating Cinco De Mayo have no clue why they’re doing it? Even worse is almost half of them thought it was the equivalent of Mexico Independence Day?!  

Look, I’m not your history teacher, but I am going to drop some knowledge on you in the shortest way possible. Cinco De Mayo basically celebrates the Mexican army kicking the crap out of the French and it all went down 159 years ago (May 5, 1862). That’s when Napoleon III sent his bigger and better-equipped army to establish a French satellite state in Mexico. Well, that didn’t work out as planned and it marked the beginning of the Battle of Puebla, and four years later, Mexican troops showed the French who had the salsa and kicked them out.  

Interestingly enough, Cinco de Mayo isn’t as highly celebrated in Mexico as it in the U.S. and that’s because the U.S. likes to mass-market holidays. But why lie? Many of us also like to find any reason to get piss drunk and eat a bunch of tacos and Cinco de Mayo – at least in the U.S. is a perfect time to do just that. But now that we got that out of the way, Cinco de Mayo is always a good time and this year, Love 4 The Streets and Humilde Records decided to celebrate in grand fashion by putting together an almost free car show called “Jimmy Humilde’s Car Meet.”


Yeah. The show was originally advertised as free, and spectators could bring their own food and drink, but a few days before the event, the venue told promoters that attendees could NOT bring their own food and drink, and spectator parking would cost $30. The news caused a small uproar, and that’s when fingers started flying. Not gonna lie though, I read through all the negative comments, and my favorite one was, “This show is only 60% free!” Regardless, we decided to show up in support of the show.


The show was held at the Pico Rivera Sports arena, and if you’ve never been there, well, let’s just say it’s small. The easiest way to describe it is by saying the Coliseum is a pizza and the Pico Rivera Sports Arena is a Hot Pocket. If that didn’t make sense, let’s just say this small arena can only seat 6,000 while the Coliseum seats over 78,000.  

The place packed a good showing of cars highlighted by a fleet of badass Tri-Fives, and by 2 pm, they announced a hop, so we shot on over to the middle of the arena. As always, it’s good to see friends and familiar faces, and among those we ran into were a  few lady lowriders like Patti and Sandy, and then we ran into the fellas from Low Bottoms (Joe, Peter, and Chato), Ramon from Klique and Listo from Los Angeles. 

Big ups to Love 4 The Streets and Humilde Records for throwing the event, and may this even be yet another reminder that no good deed goes unpunished, and you can’t make everyone happy! Till next time. Stay safe, keep your rides clean and stack your chips – especially if you were one of the few who complained about the $30.