Comedian Jay Mendoza, hosts a Lowrider Meet-Up at Dockweiler State Beach

Story & Photos: LRS Staff

In the past few years, Jay Mendoza has reached international acclaim on social media. And with just under half a million followers, he’s just getting warmed up as he gets ready to trailblazer his way to the top of the social ladder. As a leading content creator whose comedic pieces revolve around growing up in a Hispanic household, Jay brings joy to a tumultuous world, and his passion and natural inclination to entertain is clearly evident.

So when Jay invited us to a lowrider meet he was hosting, it was a no-brainer we had to be there. We met up at 10 am for the maiden voyage to Dockweiler State Beach, and the starting caravan had about a dozen freshly polished lowriders with some traveling from as far as San Diego. An avid lowrider enthusiast himself, Jay also has a current Impala project he was set to bring out, but he decided last minute not to rush the hydraulic system install – a wise decision indeed.

He couldn’t have picked a better time or day to host the meet because the weather was spot on. Cool with a slight breeze, a good 20 of us or so hungout till other lowriders started trickling in right before noon. With the cars parked in formation, the event was a treat to attendees as well as local beach goers. Seeing the general public stop to snap a flicks and ask questions was definitely one of the highlights. Compared to yesteryear when lowriders were feared and looked down upon, everyone was having a great time and definitely a sign of the times and yet another critical part of the evolution of lowriding.

Here’s a few flicks and when Jay’s ride is complete, we’ll be sure to share some snaps and updates. A special thanks goes out to Jay and his crew and we’ll see you all soon.

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