Behind the Scenes at Dangerust LA's 15th Street Cruise Spot

Words: Jay Villa  |  Snaps: Danny Jay

How did a small gathering meant for a few friends turn into one of Los Angeles’ most popular cruise spots? You’d have to ask Rusty, better known as Dangerust. As the President of First Class CC, Rusty turned a local kickback spot into a place where the lowrider community puts on a show and celebrates the culture. 

Located in the industrial part of Los Angeles, it may seem undesirable for most, but the backdrop is a dream for street photographers who travel all the way from Sacramento to take part. Dilapidated buildings, railroad tracks, scrap yards, and moody lighting give this otherwise neglected part of Los Angeles its character.  And on any given Sunday, you’ll find a small army of photographers, including hometown heroes LA Reflections, Lil Bullet, and A.1 Visualz firing off frame after frame.  

Thanks to social media, and all those who shared footage, 15th Street quickly became the hot spot to be as clubs from all over Los Angeles started pulling up. We’ve seen plenty of clubs and solo riders, but the usuals include Ruthless Ryderz, Individuals, Majestics, Limited, Lifestyle, Los Angeles, Numinis, Desirable Ones, Professionals, Selfmade, Klique, Riverside, LowBottomz, and even some who travel from Sacramento and San Diego.

Interestingly enough, the 15th Street cruise has also become an attraction for local authorities who frequent the cruise spot to help direct traffic. Other than that, all interactions with local police have been respectful with no problems at all – a far cry from decades ago – but we’re glad.

While most cruise times are at night, Dangerust does produce daytime shows and the most popular (and also more crowded) are the Dangerust LA Art Walk events. Packed with vendors, food trucks, and artists, this day time gig is definitely the place to be and you can view our video footage below. 

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The cruise spot has such a dope vibe (and attracts so many lowriders) that music group Feurza Regida of Rancho Humilde filmed a portion of their music video for “No es pa Presumir” at 15th st. With lowriders in the background putting on a show and hitting switches, 15th Street made for the perfect backdrop for the video because nothing screams downtown Los Angeles more than 15th Street and lowriders.